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We strive for customer satisfaction which is why everyone is approved at BC Motors Sport. Get in touch today or apply now.


Get ready for the royal treatment without the shock of a royal price tag! A visit to BC Motors Sport's massive showroom will change your outlook on the used car industry. With over 200 cars, trucks and SUVs to choose from, there is something for everyone. With plenty of options, ranging from $0 down to cash-back on select purchases, there's a vehicle for every budget. We strive for customer satisfaction, which is why we work hard to get all of our customers approved, regardless of their credit. With access to a wide variety of banks, you can sit back while we shop the best rate for you. Did you know that every time you purchase or finance a car from BC Motors Sport, we take care of all your documentation, registration, insurance and more? That's right, when you come to pick up your car, we'll already have the vehicle registered in your name, have it insured and ready for you to drive. We can also deliver the car right to your driveway at no additional cost. Now that's the royal treatment! Visit our showroom today and see for yourself what car-buying should be like!